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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System

Cannabidiol or CBD stays in your system for about 3-5 days being effective only 3-4 hours.  Inhaling or vaping CBD provides a rapid and efficient way to deliver active substance from the lungs to the brain.

As cannabidiol is used in the form of CBD oil (a combination of cannabidiol extract and carrier oil), the oil (actually the number of fat molecules in it) determines how fast CBD works.

CBDS Bioavailability (ability to have an active effect) refers to the amount and rate of CBD that the body can process not only take in.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

For someone ailing, they wish the CBD will last longer in their system so that the sickening symptoms of their illness will stay away for a longer period. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question. As the effects of CBD after taking it in, are variable and depends on the next factors:

The frequency at which one uses it;

How potent it is (high-potency hemp-oil dose is 14.8 mg/d);

The way it has been consumed;

The genetic makeup of the consumer.

Some people are wary of the fact that CBD will fail them in a drug test. The point is drug tests are usually after THC which is another constituent of the marijuana plant. Therefore, consumers need to ensure they procure their products from reputable sources that sell pure CBD. Here are what some comments regarding CBD and drug tests from the community.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?

Anybody using CBD would wish or expect to experience results immediately after its administration.  The time until when a person using CBD feels its effects depends on a variety of factors. Some factors may be within the control of the user while anybody cannot change others:

The time it takes for CBD to work is in its administration

Sublingual administration can have an impact in a matter of a few (3-5) minutes

(This is because cannabidiol finds its way into the blood faster)

Ingestion of edibles takes more time (about 20 minutes with an empty stomach) to feel the effect of CBD

(Also, the amount of food that has been made in, as well as the genetic composition of the user, are other factors that could affect the time taken by CBD to work)

Types of CBD

Nowadays, in any way that anybody wishes to incorporate cannabidiol into their daily routine, there will be a product to do that. Innovation has taken CBD consumption to a whole new level: edible gummies, vape juices, bottled water, among many other products.

In fact, Coca-Cola has expressed intent to venture into the cannabis industry which implies that the company could come up with a cannabidiol-infused beverage.

Here are some of the types of CBD products and how they suit the different consumers out there.


People are always eating. And what better way to consume marijuana extracts than in edibles? Most CBD products out there have a repelling taste. Most consumers say they find its earthy flavor quite overpowering. Its actually for this reason that manufacturers have chosen to ensure that people dont miss their daily dose of cannabidiol. The edibles are also a natural preference for users who require a high treatment due to a chronic illness. In this case, the patient is advised to take the CBD-edible, on its own, when on an empty stomach. This is important so that cannabidiols absorption is not affected by other nutrients contained in other foods.

CBD Tinctures

A tincture is an herb that has been extracted into a solvent. Therefore, a CBD tincture is CBD extracted into vegetable glycerin, alcohol, vinegar or another suitable solution. Since the invention of tinctures in the early years, the primary mode of their administration has been through the mouth.

To maximize on its absorption and effectiveness, a tincture ought to be taken below the tongue other than being swallowed in a drink.


The use of e-cigarettes has become very popular in recent years. Consequently, vape juices have skyrocketed in demand. It is at the back of this demand that manufacturers of vapes have been competing based on the kind of vape juices they make.

By vaping a cannabidiol-infused juice, a vaper gets to have their dose at the comfort of their habit.

There is proof that inhalation is among the best ways through which CBD can be used. Therefore, through special CBD vape pens, cannabidiol finds its way into the bloodstream almost immediately due to its passage through the respiratory system.

Oral Sprays

Fancy a refreshing way of using CBD? Then go for a spray. Sprays are very easy to use, and this is why sprays are equally very popular. The spray is administered orally and is absorbed into the body faster compared to CBD edibles. To make them more palatable, these sprays are used together with natural flavors. Like tinctures, the best way of administration is by spraying below the tongue.

Balms and Salves

Every other day, people are devising new methods of using CBD. Some may even seem unconventional but if they serve the purpose, why not go for them? It is all about the results.

There are those people who suffer joint pains, muscle aches, or even skin problems.

All these have something in common; they do not necessarily need remedies ingested through the mouth. If CBD is their choice of relief, then balms, salves and other topical forms of CBD oils are welcome solutions.

The rationale behind the use of balms and salves is because of the presence of cannabinoid receptors on the skin. As a result, these on-skin remedies impact the affected areas directly.

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