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11 fruity vape juice flavors

Sweet and refreshing, fruit is always the winner. In this article, we would show you the 11 fruity vape juices from Vape Hammer below. If you would like to know what our customers think of these juices, just check the review on each product.

1. Watermelon Ice Vape Juice

Vape Hammer watermelon ice vape juice is the cool taste of summer with the sweet crisp watermelon e juice that is so great you will definitely want to sink your teeth into it. This wonderful watermelon e juice will provide you with a nice vaping experience on every bit of vaping. If you love watermelon flavor, this would totally worth a try.

2. Apple Vape Juice
You could not have a fruity vape juice flavors listing without an apple flavor. Vape Hammer apple vape juice brings an exciting new sweet apple fruity vape juice flavor that will give you a strong level of apple taste.

3. Mango Ice Vape Juice

With the perfect balance with ice cool feeling and mango fresh and juicy taste, the mango ice vape juice by Vape Hammer is a delicious and fragrant mango fruity vape juice that tastes so wonderful. Mango ice provides a fully flavored vaping experience from start to finish. When you think about fruity vape juice flavors, you would never miss this incredible mango vape juice.

4. Lychee Ice Vape Juice

The lychee ice vape juice by Vape Hammer is a full-flavored mixture of Asian tropical flavors that blends sweet juicy lychee and fresh cool ice. It is a smooth fruity vape juice flavor with an excellent taste that you will enjoy with every time of vaping.

5. Banana Milkshake Vape Juice

Banana milkshake vape juice will take your taste buds on a wonderfully sweet and flavorful ride, unlike anything you have ever vaped! Imagine a smooth banana combined with a rich creamy milkshake for a vaping sensation that is fantastic. That would be one of the freshest new fruity vape juice flavors you've tried.

6. Blueberry Vape Juice

Blueberry vape juice is sure to blow some clouds and attract a crowd with its delicious aroma. Blueberry e juice by Vape Hammer is a masterfully crafted fresh fruity vape juice. It delivers a smooth and fascinating vaping experience you'll adore.

7. Strawberry Vape Juice

Strawberry vape juice is a delicious fruity vape juice flavor that provides an escape to a wonderful land with this fresh strawberry e juice flavor. As this strawberry vape juice matures across your palate, an emergence of rich strawberry bursts through this fruity vape juice flavor providing your tongue with an unforgettable taste.

8. Raspberry Vape Juice

Vape Hammer raspberry vape juice is a refreshing raspberry fruity vape juice flavor that will make you think of summer and a day in the forest. Even if you are not someone who usually try fruity vape juice, you will be amazed by what the Vape Hammer raspberry vape juice tastes.

9. Crystal Grape Vape Juice

Vape Hammer crystal grape vape juice is one of the freshest new fruity vape juice flavors you've ever tasted. This fruity vape juice blended with the sweet smoothness of a ripe grape and a balanced symphony of fruit flavor.

10. Lemon Vape Juice

Remember your favorite mouth-watering lemon fruity flavor? The lemon vape juice would bring you a fresh lemon taste which would remind you of the summer holiday. With the lemon fruity vape juice flavor, you can get a quality flavorful taste while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

11. Tropical Fruit Vape Juice

Tropical fruit vape juice is a delicious tropical fruity vape juice by Vape Hammer. This tropical fruit e juice will revitalize your taste buds with a new vape sensation using passion fruit, guava, and lemon. This fruity vape juice is balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness.

All the fruity vape juices we have mentioned above have the  VG/PG ration of 70/30 which means it's super perfect for vaping devices. What's more, the nicotine strength of the e juice can be either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. You can get the right amount for you to enjoy yourself whenever you choose to vape.

If you have an interest in other vape juice flavors in Vape Hammer, we would give you a brief introduction about it next time. 

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