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6 refreshing nicotine salt flavors

Nicotine salt is the new craze for the vapers. The high nicotine strengths and satisfying throat hit make it perfect for vapers who seeking a higher nicotine level. If you want to enjoy your vaping, it is very important to find out your favorite nicotine salt flavors. In this article, we would like to list 6 refreshing nicotine salt flavors by Vape Hammer. Hopefully, we could help you find your own favorite nicotine salt flavors.

Yakult Ice Salt Nic
Yakult ice salt nic flavor is one of the top-selling salt nic flavors in Vape Hammer. Yakult salt nic is a rich and icy yakult flavor that will blow your mind! This softly sweetened yakult ice flavor is smooth and not overly sweet.

Lychee Ice Salt Nic
Lychee ice salt nic is one of the most popular fruity salt nic flavors. This lychee ice salt nic is a tropical fruit salt nic flavor that blends succulent lychee with cooling ice that will leave a smooth and fresh taste to your tastebuds.

Mango Ice Salt Nic
Mango salt nic is a wonderful tropical fruity nicotine salt flavor. This mango salt nic is a tropical twist on Vape Hammer nicotine salt with mango and whipped ice topping. It is a smooth nicotine salt flavor that blends rich mango flavor and ice cool feeling. 

Mung Bean Salt Nic
Mung bean salt nic is a classic Asian salt nic flavor. With the perfect combination of cool feeling and mung bean paste, this mung bean salt nic will allow you to unwind and relax making you feel like you're in a paradise.

Tobacco Cream Salt Nic
Tobacco cream salt nic provides a rich blend of classic tobacco flavor and creamy smooth taste that delivers a satisfying vape that is sure to please. Tobacco cream salt nic flavor is a mellow tobacco nicotine salt flavor that brings a well-rounded flavor profile with a smooth finish.

Pinklady Salt Nic
Pinklady salt nic is a sweet fruity salt nic flavor that has a rich blend of raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, and lemon that will send your taste buds into another dimension. You'll think you're vaping an icy tropical drink on a cruise to the islands. 

Those 6 nicotine salt flavors we have mentioned above have the same VG/PG ratio of 70/30 which is perfect for vaping. Besides, the nicotine strength of the nicotine salt is 20mg. If you are looking for a new salt nic to vape in 2021, why not try one from this list? Vape Hammer stocks a wide range of salt nic and e liquids, so whatever flavor profile makes your mouth water, you can find it here. We also could provide OEM services for different requirements. Wish you could enjoy vaping!

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