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mulwin q30 vapor system starter kit-350mah 2ml
mulwin q30 vapor system starter kit-350mah 2ml


US$ 27.99
Reviews (114)
  • 2022-08-19
    The battery life is good.
  • 2022-08-15
    The deals online are much better than the one in the store, and the product is the same.
  • 2022-05-01
    This is so easy to use and fill compared to my last vape. Great battery life so far and I can confirm it's waterproof after accidentally dropping it in a hot tub.. twice.. has continued to work with no issues.
  • 2022-04-20
    Nice finish, easy to use, great battery life, whats not to like
  • 2022-04-15
    Got this vape on the 18th March, haven't even had to charge it yet (April 15)! I only use it about 6 times a day granted, but it's still pretty impressive!Probably the best vape I've had to date, never leaked for me (just keep it upright and you won't have any issues)
  • 2022-04-14
    liked that it holds more liquid than most e-cigarettes so no need to keep filling up.Easy to use
  • 2022-04-13
    Easy to use works all day
  • 2022-04-11
    Easy to use
  • 2022-04-10
    really easy to use, great units I bought one each for my son and grandson and they're very impressed
  • 2022-04-09
    Great vape
  • 2022-04-08
    Battery life pretty good of course it all depends how often you use it.
  • 2022-04-06
    Great vape that lasts a week between charges. Slightly bulky but take that over one with less battery life.
  • 2022-04-02
    Had the white one for over a year and never missed a beat, only reason i never had it longer is because i am an idiot that loses stuff, i lost my shoes on the same night i lost my vape so yes...Black looks much better than white tho and im sure this will last, my only gripe is this isnt technically weatherproof even though it looks like it is, still very rugged and very capable.. Would recommend.
  • 2022-04-01
    So easy to use
  • 2022-03-30
    Having started vaping with pens this was an excellent upgrade. Would highly recommend
  • 2022-03-28
    Battery lasts a good two days and I use it a lot! Well made, easy to fill and comes with all the spares you’ll ever need 10/10
  • 2022-03-28
    Very good easy to use liked so much I bought two
  • 2022-03-28
    This has to be my best buy yet.Really pleased with this ecig haven't got anything negative to say.Made up with this one, great battery life really easy to setup and use
  • 2022-03-25
    Excellent value for money.
  • 2022-03-24
    I really use my vape , easy 2/3 days without charging what is amazing
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