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11 Iron Rules of DIY Vape Juice

1. Never try to buy pure nicotine. It is highly toxic, even if it touches the skin, it will cause harm. Generally speaking, 100 mg/ml nicotine solution is the upper limit of nicotine concentration.

2. Don't let the high concentration nicotine solution touch any part of your body. Pay attention to this when DIY.

3. Please wear rubber protective gloves when DIY tobacco oil is used, and wear "work clothes" (to prevent various high concentration raw materials from touching the beloved clothes) and protective glasses if possible.

4. Don't just pursue nicotine concentration for stimulation. The nicotine absorption efficiency of the human body for Vaping (electronic cigarette smoking) and Smoking (traditional cigarette smoking) is different and different from person to person. I strongly suggest that you start from the nicotine content of 13mg/ml tobacco oil to reduce and increase more. The highest content of nicotine in the tobacco oil with brands available on the market is 36mg/ml. Please do not try the tobacco oil with DIY higher than the nicotine concentration, and do not joke about personal safety!

5. Please keep away from minors and pets when using DIY tobacco oil (the same applies to low concentration refined oil).

6. DIY and storage of tobacco oil/raw materials must be careful of fire hazards. Most of the finished oil and raw materials are flammable.

7. When DIY tobacco oil is used, various raw material bottles shall be properly placed to prevent splashing and sprinkling caused by accidental contact.

8. If possible, you can purchase some nicotine content testing instruments (which look high-tech, but actually are not expensive) to avoid excessive nicotine content in finished products due to errors during DIY.

9. Please be sure to purchase the international famous brand of tobacco oil raw materials (PG, VG, AG, nicotine solution, spices, sweeteners, etc.) that meet the safety standards and are clearly marked as "suitable for electronic cigarette liquid". Peter mentioned this problem in his post "Please select PG and VG with USP logo for homemade tobacco oil". In addition, it should be noted that not all edible spices can be used for electronic cigarette oil. Some spices are harmless to human body when they are in liquid state, but may be toxic when they become gaseous (or foggy) (specific contents may be added in a separate post later).

10. If your electronic cigarette age is less than three months, you are not recommended to do cigarette DIY.

11. Some people may be allergic to or have an uncomfortable reaction to PG, but this will not cause serious health problems.

How to DIY cigarette oil? Homemade tobacco oil is a very interesting thing, and has achieved incredible results. The cost of self-made tobacco oil is much lower than that of finished tobacco oil on the market. In addition, homemade tobacco oil will be more suitable for your taste. Moreover, in the process of DIY self making, your completely immersive hobby will also make you feel a sense of achievement.

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