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What are some pros and cons of smoking electronic cigarettes?

Readme from a customer who has smoked e-cigarettes for 2 years

There still needs to be more long-term studies about vaping before definitive answers can be given. What I can say, is that my doctor and my surgeon were happy that I switched to e-cigs. The former said that "It's much better for you," while the latter said, "You made a very wise decision."

I've been vaping for almost two years after smoking for most of the past 15 years, and here's my take:

Pros: I don't stink. My car doesn't stink. I don't have to stop at the gas station every day or two. I spend about 50 bucks every two months or so on liquid and supplies, so I'm saving a significant amount of money. I don't have to go outside to smoke--I vape in my house (never smoked inside), I vape at work (in my office with the door closed), in the movies, in a bar, etc. I've vaped in airports and on planes, in the offices of various professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) and people either don't say anything about it or might ask a question or two, simply because they are curious. (I was informed that I couldn't vape in a public park recently though--the officer said if it looks like a cigarette and acts like a cigarette ((and it does neither--my ecig doesn't look anything like a cigarette and it doesn't function the same as a cigarette in any way but that's neither here nor there)) I couldn't use it in the park.) I don't get short of breath when I take the stairs or climb a hill. I don't cough up nasty shit in the morning and I don't have stains on my teeth or my fingers.

Cons: Although disposable ecigs are available at a lot of convenience stores now, they wouldn't be the same as *my* cig and my liquid, so if I happened to lose it or forget it (and my backups), I would be a little lost. If I was still smoking and I forgot my cigarettes, I'd just buy another pack.

I actually can't think of any other cons.

In short--if you aren't a smoker now, don't use an ecig. That would just be silly. But if you're tired of the hassles of cigarettes and concerned about your health, go ahead and give it a try. I love the hell outta my ecig.

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