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Is it dangerous to inhale the vape liquid of the electronic cigarette into the mouth? How can it be avoided?

Most of the e-cigarettes have been used for a long time, and there is a problem of oil leakage due to technical reasons. It is natural that the e-cigarette oil is sucked into the mouth! So is it dangerous or harmful for the e-juice that is inhaled in the mouth?

What is an oil spill? That is, the e-liquid flows out in an abnormal way, such as from the outside of the glass of the atomization chamber, the base of the atomizer, and the outside of the cigarette holder. In fact, this is not only a problem with the quality of electronic cigarettes, but may be caused by improper operation, causing oil leakage.

Why is the e-cigarette liquid sucked into the mouth?

1. The oil in the oil storage tank penetrates into the atomizing core through the small holes of the atomizer, and then the atomizing core is electrically heated to heat the infiltrated e-juice, and the e-liquid is heated into smoke and comes out from the cigarette holder. If it is too full, the air pressure in the atomization chamber is small, and more e-liquid penetrates into the atomizing core under the action of gravity, so it is easy to flow out from the cigarette holder or inhale into the mouth.

For injected electronic cigarettes, do not refuel too fast or overfill.

2. When using it, you will habitually blow air into the electronic cigarette. The structure of the refillable electronic cigarette and the injected electronic cigarette is different. Blowing air for a long time will sometimes cause the oil point of the frying oil to be blown together. into the base, coupled with long-term accumulation of condensate, causing oil leakage.

3. The sealing rubber ring is the most likely to be lost or damaged during the use of electronic cigarettes. If the sealing ring between the atomizing core and the base is lost or damaged, oil leakage will also occur.

4. The refueling part of the electronic cigarette and the connecting part with the battery rod are connected by a sealing rubber ring and a thread. If the thread is not tightened and the sealing rubber ring is not squeezed, the sealing effect will not be achieved, which will cause the e-liquid to penetrate from the cigarette holder or the part that is combined with the battery rod.

5. The wrong way of use and excessive smoking force or too fast cause the e-liquid to be inhaled into the mouth.

6. If the e-liquid in the electronic cigarette is not used up for a long time, it will also cause oil leakage. Because most electronic cigarettes are of negative pressure type oil guiding structure, if they are placed for a long time, because the internal pressure of the atomizer always exists, the oil will be continuously guided, and the excessive accumulation of e-liquid in the atomizing core will penetrate into the base and cause oil leakage.

Is e-liquid dangerous?

The main components of e-liquid contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine. Propylene glycol and glycerin have a stimulating effect on the throat, but they are non-toxic. Nicotine is only addictive, and there are no other special hazards. Therefore, the occasional oil leak will not cause much harm if it is sucked into the mouth, and individual allergic symptoms cannot be ruled out (of course, allergies will not smoke e-cigarettes).

How to avoid the e-cigarette oil from being sucked into the mouth?

First of all, we must choose high-quality electronic cigarette equipment to reduce oil leakage. Use your electronic cigarette device correctly, do not use too much force and it will be too fast.

Secondly, you need to confirm whether your disposable electronic cigarette is a cartridge type or an oil storage cotton type. If it is a cartridge type, shake your head down and shake out the condensed water in the flue. If it is an oil storage type Cotton type, flick the butt down, so that there is less e-juice near the heating wire, and there will be less oil coming out in the next few puffs.

Again, make sure that your electronic cigarette device has not been placed for a long time, please replace it for a long time. If oil leakage is found, check whether the sealing ring is damaged and whether the thread is tightened.

Conclusion: The e-liquid is not very harmful when inhaled in the mouth, but it will stimulate the throat, so don't worry too much about such a danger.

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