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Why are more and more people switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes

 Nowadays, “suffering clouds and vomiting fog” is no longer an exclusive term for men or adults. The emergence of e-cigarettes has expanded the group of smokers. More and more teenagers and women are exposed to or even “fall in love” with e-cigarettes. Smokers who smoke traditional cigarettes switch to e-cigarettes, and the audience of electronic cigarettes is gradually expanding.

The reasons for the popularity of electronic cigarettes can start with the following aspects.

1. From the point of view of the composition released after combustion. When a cigarette burns, it releases Hydrogen acid, carbon monoxide, tar, lead, carbon dioxide, arsenic, acrolein, mercury and more than 4000 kinds of harmful toxic substances. The main components of the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes liquidare: PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin, also known as glycerin), other spices, nicotine water added (optional). The above substances, except nicotine, are harmless to the human body additives.

2. The difference between smoking solid particles produced by combustion smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nearly 4000 kinds of chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and nicotine, most of which are harmful to the human body. Different brands of cigarettes with different concentration, and the smoke of a slightly different color, Larger particles smoke can cause irreversible damage in the lungs the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette smoke actually steam. The color of smoke for ivory, smoke in the moisture content is relatively high. The smoke from the nose can clearly feel this, and electronic cigarette smoke particles are very small.

3. The difference between the cost of cigarette: a bag of the low price of cigarettes tastes a few yuan, from 10 ~ 30 yuan mid-range cigarette prices to more than 100 in the high end to end, there are costs because everyone's addiction as well as the degree of dependence on tobacco is different, use cost fluctuation is bigger. The cost of the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes, in addition to buying equipment for the first time, the host needs hundreds of yuan, most of which is the cost of the electronic liquid, but in general, the average cost is lower than traditional cigarettes.

Therefore, the rise of the electronic cigarette industry is not without reason. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their health status, and the idea of quitting smoking or finding alternatives that are less harmful to the body than cigarettes begins to appear in people's minds. Cigarettes are products that meet the needs of the public.


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