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One of the World Cup's biggest shocks

Well, who saw this coming?

Argentina was among the elite teams heading to Qatar - tipped by many to go all the way, with a star-studded squad as robust at the back as they are ruthless in attack.

In contrast to their opponents, few saw Saudi Arabia making a dent at this tournament. Only Ghana of the 32 nations in attendance rank lower. They had three victories before this, but none of them bigger.

Argentina had a perfect start. In the 8th minute, the Argentine team got a free kick in the frontcourt. 

world cup 2022In the second half of the game, the situation changed suddenly. Only 3 minutes into the game, after the two Saudis flanked Messi in the midfield to form a steal, Malki made a long pass directly, Breikan stopped the ball too much, and by mistake formed a through pass, and Shaikhri scored with a low shot in the penalty area, Saudi Arabia equalized the score.

After scoring the goal, the morale of the Saudi team was boosted. Only 5 minutes later, Davasari showed his superb personal skills. He dodged in the penalty area of the Argentine team to avoid the defense of two people and then shot a cold arrow. The ball drew a wonderful arc and flew into the far corner of the goal. The Saudi team overtook the score 2:1!
The final whistle confirmed the unbelievable and sent Herve Renard's side into delirium. They are the first non-European team to beat Argentina at the World Cup since Cameroon in 1990.

If Argentina needs something to cling to, it is that they reached the final following that opening defeat 32 years ago. If you are going to lose group games, it is often better to do so first up, giving yourself the games to recover.

Will Saudi Arabia do the same in their next matchup against Poland on November 26? let us wait and see
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