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why e juice turning brown

Some vapers might notice that after a while, any e juice left in either the refill bottles or the vape pens themselves has started to turn brown. But why would that happen? And most importantly, is it safe for users to continue using it? In this article, we would like to take a look at what can cause your e juice to change color and how to do for it.

The reason why e juice starts to turn brown inside the bottle is due to a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The majority of e juices on the market are filled with artificial sweeteners which add flavor to your favorite e juice. And Nicotine is a highly reactive chemical which would react and turn e juice into brown color when it exposes to oxygen or even light. The same thing happens to some fruits, such as apple or banana, which would turn brown if you left out for a few days. Oxidation is a very normal process, which means that if your e juices turn brown, it is not a necessarily bad thing. Even, the more nicotine in your e juice is, the more pronounced the reaction will be, meaning even darker e juice.

Although you can't prevent your e juice from turning brown, we understand that it can be annoying when you find out your e juices have turned brown. Thus, we would like to provide you with some tips to slow down the process:

Store your e juice in a cool, dark place, for example, a kitchen cupboard or a desk drawer. E juice will change color when it is exposed to both light and heat. Storing it in a cool and dark place could not halt the oxidation process completely, but it would help slow down the oxidation process. Even many e juice manufacturers would store their e juice inside of a fridge to slow down the process.

Minimizing agitating your e juice is also another good way. Shaking your e juice bottle might help you mix the flavors together, but it also increases how much oxygen is being absorbed in the mix, which will lead to darker e juice quicker. Thus, you should avoid agitating your e juice as much as you can.

Never mix your e juice. Even if you have an old and new bottle of the exact same e juice brand and flavor, you shouldn’t be mixing them. By doing this, you can avoid adding oxidized nicotine to the mix.

Keep your vape tank clean. It's best to clean your tank coils every time you fill up, then you can ensure you could get the most wonderful vaping experience.

By the way, there are totally different situations for the color of the nicotine salts as their original colors are brown. If you are looking for e juice and vape pens, come and visit Vape Hammer's online store. If you would like to learn more about vaping, we would be glad to share more tips in future articles.

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